Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spiffing Jewelry

The bar was set high by our generous sponsors after the very first Creative Tea Time in September 2013. Not just by the amount of incredible goodies or spectacular packaging, but the quality and detail in each piece the guests took home. Even we were baffled as to how these sponsors could possibly match, let alone TOP themselves the second time around. They left us speechless yet again.
Over the next several days we are introducing you to some of the talented artists and crafters who added the icing to our cake- our sponsors.

Today, meet Spiffing Jewelry.

 photo Screenshot2014-02-05at40856PM_zps248e60ad.png

We were first introduced to Spiffing via The Queen Bee Market several years ago, but their history runs much deeper. Their timeline is pretty darn impressive:

Feb 2008: Spiffing Jewelry is born, the studio is a table in the corner of Annie & Nick's bedroom.
2009: Nick & Annie move, Spiffing now gets its own bedroom!
Feb 2010: Annie buys tools to start stamping, yay words!
Nov 2010: Annie quits her day job to run Spiffing full time, and just in time, because it was our first busy Christmas!
Sept 2011: Nick finally quits his day job to help with Spiffing full time. 
Oct 2011: Tara quits her day job just in time for Christmas to explode in the 10x10' 2nd bedroom that is the studio.
January 2012: Tired of being unable to breathe/move/crammed into 100 square feet, the team shops for and jumps on a 600 square foot office space for the new studio. It's painted, filled and decorated within a week.
January 2013: When it became clear over Christmas that things were growing faster than we thought, we moved again! Our studio in La Mesa is 3,200 square feet, including our warehouse and storage. It includes a showroom for shopping and design appointments!
July 2013: As we get busier and business grows, so does our team! We now have 7 amazing people hand making our products every day!

From their famous Geekery line with pieces from favorites like-

 photo Screenshot2014-02-05at91223AM_zps8b5c3366.png

Doctor Who, and of course Star Wars,

 to more classic bracelets, pendants, necklaces,

 photo Screenshot2014-02-05at91459AM_zps328632b3.png

and even a line for men,

 photo Screenshot2014-02-05at91547AM_zps102db2fc.png

Spiffing's product line really does have something for everyone. They have cornered the market in so many areas, but managed to stay true to their passion. With all that talent- it's no surprise Spiffing Jewelry will be featured on The Today Show this Friday!
 photo Screenshot2014-02-05at93656AM_zpseacd66b4.png 

They are always keeping coming up with new designs and product lines, too. Later this month, look for their new felt line and affordable CZ engagement rings.

We are so fortunate to have the continued support of the Spiffing Jewelry team as sponsors
 photo photo_zps775984c3.jpg

and also as guests!

Be sure to tune in to the Today Show February 7th at 10:30am to support Spiffing Jewelry and stay up to date on all their latest adventures on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and their Website.

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